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Some amazing statistics about Office 365  (from January 2018) 

  • 1.2 billion users 

  • 27 Million Office 365 users 

  • 80% of Fortune 500 companies now use Microsoft Office 365

Office 365 allows you more flexibility for service delivery, it also allows you access to IT infrastructure that was usually reserved for large organisations with big IT budgets. 

Office 365 Suite Features


The suite of services and products continue to grow and expand. Companies need to understand the benefits of each feature and what business goals they hope to address using this technology. You need to ensure the right procedures and training in place for a successful implementation. 

Office 365 is your always up to date, best in class productivity tool. With features like Modern Attachments that gets files out of your inbox and Co-Authoring in Word that lets multiple people work on the same document at the same time, you’ll see that the new Office is more secure, more collaborative, and more convenient than ever before.



With the new Office you can get more done with innovative features, such as:

  • Access content securely with Multi-Factor Authentication.

  • Reduce risk with built-in Data Loss Prevention.

  • Never miss a security release with Deferred Updates.

  • Log in just once with Windows 10 Hello and Single Sign On.

  • Co-author documents at the same time.

  • Always stay connected with Skype meetings.

  • Get files out of your inbox with Modern Attachments.

  • Connect the team with shared notebooks.

  • Take Office everywhere with mobile apps.

  • Find the right command, fast, with help from Tell Me.

  • Quickly find what you’re looking for with Smart Lookup.

  • Access your most recently used documents from any device.


This can be many things for many different companies. Before we start a site, we need to plan what are our end goals and look at the day to day workflow of the end users to determine the correct functionality. If you have Office 365 already this may be opportunities for you to leverage something you are already paying for and look to increase productivity

Microsoft Planner

Look at it as a Streamed lined Microsoft Project. It is used with various Microsoft tools such as Teams, Flow and other tools to create a very powerful but easy to manage Project style. Plans can be also created from Outlook groups. More information please read this Blog.


What is Microsoft Planner