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Our highly trained team can provide phone and email support for quick resolutions to business issues as well as onsite support to ensure your hardware and infrastructure is free of problems and is in working order.


On each client’s computer we install a light weight application that allows the PC / Server to be monitored for issues and preventative maintenance of these device.


We can service all brands of Server hardware and Microsoft operating systems. Feel free to visit our store.   We stock all major brands and can install and configure for you.

Monthly Reporting

At the start of each month a report will be emailed, in a easy to read format.

This includes Support activities, Device inventory, Antivirus protection, Backup integrity, User audits, Hardware and software inventory.

OS Patching & 3rd Party Updating

The biggest security hole can be patching issues with Fine-tune your patch management policies to prevent cyber-attacks and optimize system performance. This will also have heightened security for vulnerable programs. Performed out of hours ensuring minimal downtime for your staff

Support Current IT Staff

From a dedicated Night time patching and checking backups to an emergency backup System administrator. We can help your current IT staff out and even let them have a holiday in peace. Also good for business owner and peace of mind that all the IT Collateral (Knowledge) is not just in one persons head. 

Contact us today to find out how we can help and remove the IT headaches