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Let us review your current IT infrastructure and staff practices, together we can work out the best path forward. Accessibility v Security is the modern dilemma.

Taking a best of breed approach, you can be guaranteed that we will have the right solution for your network. 

Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW) is an integrated network platform that is a part of the third generation of firewall technology, combining a traditional firewall with other network device filtering functionalities, such as an application firewall using in-line deep packet inspection (DPI), an intrusion prevention system (IPS)


May also include website filtering, QoS/bandwidth management, antivirus inspection, application awareness and third-party identity management integration

Managed Antivirus

This is a centrally managed Anti-Virus solution that allows complete control over the status of the Anti–virus and real time warning about infections. With the correct version they offer a Crypto lock prevention and other features

Compliance auditing

Do you comply with the Privacy Act or the Notifiable Data Breaches (NDB)? Is your procedure compliant with your ISO standards?

Mail Protection for SPAM and Viruses

Our mail filtering application has sophisticated malware detection and antivirus technology,with real-time threat detection input. Some like 80% of viruses come from emails. Straight forward to implement and this will save your organisation from a lot of downtime. 

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