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The biggest disaster your business will face is not having a backup. And a SAFE backup that has been tested on a regular schedule. 


On site, Off site and Cloud. Setting up this is the key to business recovery from fire, theft and viruses. How are your backups?

Backup & Disaster Recovery is required for Virtual & Physical Environments

A Cloud and on- site back system can work together seamlessly . . This means a quick recovery image on site and a all files stored off site in case of major disaster. We can even setup a Cloud recovery site, so in the event of a major issue (eg fire or flood) we are able to bring up your IT environment in the cloud in a short period of time and keep you running through this event.

Office 365 

You can, of course, access any deleted information via various method in Office 365 such as using version history, retention policies and labels, legal hold and so. Some of these options may require a more advanced license. If email is required for compliance, it is worth the few extra dollars for piece of mind

Different packages available to Desktops, Cloud Services and Servers of any size and speed.
Single Desktop or entire organisation

Disaster Planning

We can review your complete Cyber and Disaster Planning Assessment. How do you recover if you lost your building? How do you recover if a massive IT virus outbreak? 

A Recovery Point Objective (RPO) is defined by business continuity planning. It is the maximum targeted period in which data might be lost from an IT service due to a major incident. Meaning your system might fail but how long will the recovery take? 1 hour, 1 day or 1 week? Backing up IT systems require planning to ensure minimal recovery time and an acceptable level that management can plan around.

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